At Bell Baker, our goal is to attract students who combine legal excellence with the highest level of inter-personal skills. We seek to provide our articling students with a comfortable working environment emphasizing teamwork and mutual respect.

Our articling program is designed to maximize opportunities for students’ professional development. We strive to ensure that each student is engaged in a broad range of challenging and meaningful work, within a structure which provides guidance and support from our lawyers. Because our articling students represent our primary source of associate lawyers, and ultimately, partners, our program is structured to develop effective and efficient lawyers who will thrive within a practice environment consistent with our firm values.

We strive to ensure a broad range of legal assignments and encourage our students to take initiative in this regard. As students gain experience and show aptitude, they will receive assignments of greater complexity and responsibility.

We are committed to meeting the expectations and demands of our clients in a timely way. While we strive to maintain a general balance between our work and personal lives, each of us at Bell Baker is committed to meeting client expectations and to pitching in when our colleagues need us.

Because Results Matter